Friday, September 19, 2008

More Shoes ...and Thank God it's Friday!!!!!

So i wanted to share another little tid bit ..... here i in troduce you to Annie's first pair of GOLD shoes. I'm really not sure why (becuase i have nothing gold and always wear silver) i love these shoes so much but i absolutely LOVE them..... hope you do to. OH!!!! Girls... or anyone that likes shoe better get your ass to Dillards quick...... fantastic show sale... I got these little pieces of fantasticness for like 20.00 when the norm price tag was 89.00.

well is friday and i'm in one of the best moods ive been in in a REALLY long time. i think we are going to go to the lake tomorrow and start looking for a rental house since the lease on our apt is up at the end of october. THANK FREAKIN GOD!!!!! i hate apt.....they all suck butt!!!!

Anywho.... prob talk to you more later today. Much Love and Hope you are all having a fantastic day!